Interior Design

Your Space is unique.
Every room has to represents the functionality and your unique personality. We will designs every element of the interior that will make your flow of activity easier.
Our designers will make your unique project happen. We are a friendly, professional,  and understand the value of creating interiors that stand the test of time.  We work for customers with a wide range of budgets and requirements, we will bring your ideas to life along with a whole new look and feel to your space.

Some Of The Projects We've Designed

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our goals in the process

Our Design Phases

  • 01
    Conceptual & Schematic Design Phase
    Research and determine the owners criteria for the project. Using the criteria to establish conceptual design and explore design options. Presents it and narrow down to one preferred concept.
  • 02
    Design Development Phase
    Refine and develop design so most major design decisions have been made. Includes Acoustic and Lighting Simulations.
  • 03
    Construction Document Phase
    Select Finishes, fixtures, and finalizing designs. Preparing technical documents for construction.
  • 04
    Construction Bidding Phase (Optional)
    Tender opening to get pricing from few recommended contractor and choose the best contractor for the project.
  • 05
    Construction Administration Phase (Optional)
    Observe Construction process for consistency with construction documents. Answer contractor questions and resolve design details, and handle changes.

What We Do In The Process

Conceptual & Schematic Design

In this initial phase it is where we get to know you and your chosen space to find out just what you want to achieve, following an in-depth discussion of your brief with one of our design team, we analyse your requirements and define which of our many services you may require congenial with your lifestyle, budget and time constraints.

An overview of design style for the project will be proposed and several design solutions put forward for your consideration based on your brief. Illustrations of appropriate design elements may be presented during the initial planning process as a full-colour perspective illustration and/or CGI graphics, supported by layouts, and floor plans.

Design Development Phase

At this point, the selected concepts and choices are refined and developed into a more detailed comprehensive format and further development of visuals covering the finer details.

We put together colour palettes, wall coverings, flooring, paint, fabrics, furniture and space plans as well as lighting and accessories. We will repeat this process as often as is necessary to get the best result possible. This part of the project is also all about the specifics. We take into account; entrances & exits, supplies for gas, electrics, direction of sunlight, sanitation and or any other services that exist within the space. A site survey will then take place, and we may have to make a meeting with your Architect, or Contractors.



Construction Document

The finally selected items are transformed into working drawings in preparation for the works to commence on site. We detail out all of your drawings so the contractors know exactly what our design intent is and so has the most accurate drawings possible to price your job for you.

Technical working drawings and supporting artistic impressions would be produced to show each space as a whole, including elevations of walls, sketches of proposed window treatments, furnishing, cabinetry, lighting, carpets and floor plans.

Project Bidding and Administration

At this point we will propose several qualified contractors, and obtain quotes from them, helping you analyze and decide the best contractor for the project. Then we check in regularly to see how the site is going with the contractors and ensure that everything is going as planned, to budget and on schedule. Also working closely with relevant craftsmen, suppliers and subcontractors ensure that each stage of the project is carried out to the highest possible standards.


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