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With our well organized construction management, and high standard of  operating procedures, we will work with your consultant to establish the most effective and efficient way to turn brilliant ideas into state-of-art projects and realize your dream within the quality, time, and budget. Giving you a peace of mind without worrying you about the hassle of the construction process.

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our goals in the process

Our Construction Phases

  • 01
    Project Analysis Phase
    Analyse The working Drowing Provided by Architect, and Research and determine the owners expectation, and budget for the project.
  • 02
    Project Bidding Phase
    Propose Quotation alternatives based on the construction drawings.
  • 03
    Negotiation Phase
    Price Negotiation from the selected quotation.
  • 04
    Project Execution Phase
    Creates Schedules and Time-frame constraint of the Projects. Executing the Project.
  • 05
    Project Delivery Phase
    Perform series of quality check of consistency between design and construction, hand over the project, and perform post construction support to the owner.

What We Do In The Process

Project Analysis


In this first step of bidding process, we will check all of the working drawing and material specification provided by your architect or interior designer, and analyze it according to your expectation, budget and time-frame constraint. we will decide whether the bidding is viable or not. We may give a suggestion if the project is not viable before proceed to the next phase.

Project Bidding

At this point, we will create series of Bill of Quantity, based on the working drawing  and the Terms of reference provided by your Architect or Interior Designer, then we will submit the quotation. Within the process, we may have to discuss details of construction elements with your Architect or Interior Designer and submit another alternative quotation that we think it is best value for your project.


Now that you have our quotation, you may want to negotiate our pricing. At this stage we can discuss every element of the quotation and make changes to suit your budget. We may provide shop drawing of the modified elements whether it is changes of materials, systems, work process, etc, and ask your Architect or Interior Designer for an approval. At the end of this stage we agree to a fixed number of price, terms of payment, and sign the construction contract.

Project Execution & Delivery

After the contract is signed and received amount of down payment, we will create project schedule and time-frame as per your constraint. Inform it to You and Your Architect or Interior Designer, you may have to give an approval or we can discuss to modify it.

We Start the construction process based on the working drawing, term of reference, and the contract. If there are changes as we proceed, we will discuss it with you and your Architect or Interior designer, and ask them to produce the revision drawings of the design. We will documented the revision and execute the construction based on the last revision. We may have to submit additional quotation before executing the modification if it does not included in the contract.
We also may request a regular meeting with your Architect or Interior designer about the progress of the project, and we may ask your Architect or Interior designer for a solution if problems arise during the process.
When each item of the project is done, we will perform a checklist to make sure that it consistent to the design and the quality meets your requirements. after all items and the final checklist is fulfilled we will handover the project to you and gives you certain amount of time for post construction retention.
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