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Architium Design was established in year 2007, based in Jakarta. Our specialties is designing and building architecture and interior projects. We highly pays attention to details, taste and senses, which with deep process of understanding and respectful relationship between the client and the designer, it is our commitment to create a strong concept and develop a thoroughly nice detailed design and finish with professional execution, establishing the most effective and efficient way to turn brilliant ideas into state of the art buildings.

Our team powered by highly skilled professional individuals in their respective Architecture, Interior, Engineering and Construction field, with tons of creativity, passions, artistic feel to offer, also equipped with powerful tools to predict and simulates engineering and physical aspect of the design. Ensures the end result is fully functional, comfortable, efficient, sustainable with affordable budget.

We are mostly designing and building residential clients, such as houses and apartments, but we also have vast experience in designing Commercial areas, Office, and Site Planning. So we are eager to accept bigger challenges from our clients. Please visit Our Portfolio section to view some of the projects we’ve done.

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Your Senses is our top priority. With this Design Philosophy, we are committed to make Architecture designs that fit your senses : Visual, Acoustic, and Comfort. All done creatively, artistically, technically, and all within your budget.


Your Space is Unique, so every room has to represents the functionality and your unique personality. We will designs every element of the interior that will make your flow of activity easier.

Our Engineering Service provide various type of engineering calculations and simulations to compliment technical aspect for both Architecture and Interior Design to be built functionally and efficiently. Please Click our Engineering services below for more detail.


Our Construction team will give you a peace of mind in your design construction process. We will work Efficient and effective, ensures your project Built meets the Quality, Time, and Budget.

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Some of the Projects We've Done

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